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Can I customize my profile?
Yes you can do that from your "edit profile page". Change color and background picture and text styles.
Can I change my email address and other information?
Yes you can by clicking "My Profile/Edit Profile" and then changing what you need changed. You can keep your profile fresh and up to date this way.
How do I upload music/video?
You simply go to music/upload and then accept the agreement that you own it. Click on "browse" to find your song on your hard drive maximum size is 20MB
What are Tags?
Tags are single descriptive words that are then used by the system to find you. These words are turned into links so people can click them to find you.
Can I upload nude photos?
How can I make a photo primary?
Go into "my profile" from top right link after you login, click on large picture to go to "My Photos" then click on a little picture at bottom and check make primary.
Do you release info on members?
Never! We will never disclose any information on members to any party for any reason. You are safe here.
Where can I get support services?
We have a Comprehensive Support system.
How do I know if someones online?
You will see a little light bulb in the top right of a members image and if its on, they are on!. You can also check the Members/Online links
I want to suspend my account, how do I?
You can suspend your account at anytime by contacting us or logging in and in the first page you will see a link to "suspend" account.
I want to delete my account, how do I?
You can delete your account at anytime by logging into your account and clicking "My Settings" look for "Unregister""
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